Adult Inpatient Treatment Program

        The Adult Inpatient Treatment Program provides intensive care for patients with an array of severe psychiatric illnesses when their symptoms create a continuing real and imminent danger for the patient or others, and when the patient cannot be successfully treated in less restrictive settings. Depression, Bipolar Illness, Suicidal Ideation, Addictions, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Panic, Post Traumatic Stress and Eating Disorders are among the problems treated. Each patient is assessed by a multi-disciplinary team, including nursing, psychology, social work, activities therapy, internal medicine and psychiatry.

        Referrals may be made by a patient, friend, employer, family, or health professional. Admission is usually voluntary, but may be by court recommendation or with physicians’ certificates. 

        Treatment interventions during the hospital stay (averaging five to seven days) include pharmacotherapy, group therapy, and a range of activity therapies such as recreation, stress management, leisure education, and assertiveness training. Patients participate in art therapy and addiction education and treatment as appropriate. Most patients participate in individual therapy and family therapy as appropriate. 

        The focus of treatment is on stabilization of the patient and discharge to a less restrictive setting such as The Partial Hospitalization Program or Outpatient Treatment Services available in the community. 

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        Bipolar Disorder
        Drug and Alcohol Addictions
        Anxiety Disorders

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