Acute Inpatient Services:
The inpatient Treatment Program serves youngsters 11-17 years old who are experiencing severe emotional difficulties that may include depression, suicidal thoughts, or who may be behaving in other ways that are dangerous to themselves or others and require the safety of a closed inpatient unit. Each adolescent is assigned a treatment team that includes a Psychiatrist, Internist, Psychologist or Social Worker, Nurse, and Activity Therapist. Through comprehensive assessments and evaluations, an individualized treatment plan is developed with a focus on short-term crisis intervention and stabilization. Intensive Family Therapy is provided by case managers that are experienced with this population. Internal medicine consultation and physical care are provided as needed. Discharge and aftercare planning is developed with the family and outpatient clinician during the course of hospitalization. 

Group Homes on Campus
       Mosaic Community Service (a private, non-profit agency), operates two therapeutic group homes for boys and one group home for girls. Visit Mosaic Community Services.

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Anxiety Disorders
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Bipolar Disorder
Drug and Alcohol Addictions
Eating Disorders
When Your Child Needs Psychiatric Hospitalization

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